Cotton Candy Glowsticks [New Album & Tour 2014]

It was the fall of 1992 when a young 19 year old from the Midwest went away from home to attend college in a secluded rural area in Ohio. He was equipped with his Yamaha RY30 drum machine, 1 Technics direct drive turntable, a belt drive turntable/8 track cassette player receiver in one with 2 home speakers.

During this time he was calling himself DJ Almighty Ski and when emceeing it was Almighty Poet. This was short for DJ ASAP which was catchy but at that time a bit old school.

Some of his college buddies DJ Roeyalty (Cincinnati), Swan Kay (Dayton) assisted him in putting together a recording studio in the dorm. Now being equipped with a 4 track recorder and a Casio keyboard sampler (3 seconds) triggered by the keys, the work process began! Recording numerous songs in the dorm then performing them on campus at many of the parties and concerts at the gymnasium, Paul Robeson auditorium.

One day out of the blue during second semester of his freshman year attending Central State University (yeah the party school across from Wilberforce)​​ he was given the name by an American Iraq Gulf War Veteran with his co-horts "Hip Hop Maniacz" and it all began.

​During this time many cassette singles, cd's, albums, e.p.'s were released with the crew such as: "And We Don't Stop", "Come on Baby", "Trunk Jazz", "Slangin' Bean Pies" among other titles.​ Eventually he branched out with a solo career in late 1996 after a indie record deal in Detroit went sour patch kids.

He was later informed about a MC battle at the University of Minnesota "Hip Hop Olympics" hosted by DJ Abilities whom he knew as a fellow crate digger and a local artist named Atmosphere in which he came in 1st place as a MC, this was a benefit show.​

Hip Hop Maniac has recorded with artists such as female​ MC/Producer Njeri Earth ​who was later featured on the GZA's (WuTang Clan) "Beneath The Surface" album, She has had a small role in the feature film "8 Mile" as well. He also collaborated with other artists such as Marshall Jones (Lead Bass) from The Ohio Players, Indigenous Tribe, Eminem, Jah Akeem (Electronic Weapons), 7 Star, Big Mo, Catisha Marsh, Atiya Bridgette and a rising Producer/MC from Chicago via Los Angeles named Kwansi aka Unkal Bean who now does a lot in the Skid Row area of L.A. to empower people through music and culture.

He went on to produce the Batco. Squad​, released a EP of 6 songs and went on a mini-tour. In Detroit he was hailed as a 'Mixtape Pimp' for his underground musical releases as well as always staying "Fresh". He kept the name Hip Hop Maniac and over the years has done many live shows from coast II coast one notable being Seton Hall University and others in CANADA.

His tenacity in being a recording artist lead him to have a Number 1 single in Canada. While recording in some of the best studios in the Twin Cities, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Canada, Las Vegas, Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New Jersey. He has learned professionalism in The Music Industry while maintaining his fresh!

Hip Hop Maniac endeavors to be in more films, tv shows, and behind the turntables or rockin' the microphone at exclusive events such as the newly launched Cotton Candy Glowsticks tour for Spring 2014, summer 2014, Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Spring 2015.
Hip Hop Maniac had to transform as musical climates changed. he adapted, upgraded and partied with the best of em, while staying original, ok he did also change his name to DJ Spank Master Boogie ​while keeping the moniker he was most known for.​​

past Work::

One doesn't know your future unless you know your past.

Discography and credits:

~ Film ~ TV ~ Music ~

Independent Movie Database

​Sathers "Potato Delites"
National Potato Chip Commercial

Trans American Killer
(UNLV indie film)

"Undisputed" the movie
(directed by walter hill)

Supa Dupa Mixtape Series

past cd releases include::

"Crown Royal" 1998 cd 9 songs
"Whom Shall I Fear" 2000 cd/cassette 18 songs
"Power Of The Ghetto" 2001 cd 11 songs
"Ignorance Iz Bliss" 2002 cd 10 songs
"Frontline" 20 songs 2002 cd 18 songs
"Return Of The Repo Man" 2005 (unreleased)
"Who Is Spank Master Boogie?" 2012 itunes 24 songs
"Cotton Candy Glowsticks" 2014 15 songs